Storm Chase Tours

Due to the nature of storm chasing, it may be difficult for new chasers to find an experienced chaser to chase with. One of these storm chase tour companies may be your best choice.

Note:  I do not necessarily endorse, support or recommend any of these tour groups.  However, I do know the owners and operators of the first three listed below and know that the fourth has been in business for several years.  Other tour companies have come and gone.  A couple of the now defunct operations had less than stellar reputations.  This list is provided only as information for anyone interested.  

If you plan to select a chase tour group, then you should thoroughly research the company, individual or organization before making a decision.  It would also be wise to check references, check with the Better Business Bureau, ask for a list of past customers to contact and a written list of terms and conditions before making a final decision or paying for their services in advance.

Storm chasing can be a traumatic experience for some folks and could even be hazardous to your health.

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