Tornado/RFD Damage in Pilot Point, Texas - April 5, 1997

Most of the damage appeared to have been caused by straight line winds. However, Pilot Point residents told convincing accounts of a clearly visible funnel under a low ragged wall cloud accompanied by rotating scud clouds and very high winds. Several witnesses saw the tornado briefly touch down in a field at the north end of town.

Sign damage at a real estate office. Debris from the sign damaged the roof of the office.







Sign damage across the street at a gas station, just SE of the real estate office (~100 meters).


A gas pump was blown from its mount at the gas station.


Unroofed barn, located ENE of Pilot Point. Probably straight line wind damage not directly associated with the tornado.

Close-up of roof damage.

Another damaged barn ENE of Pilot Point.

Damage to a Cedar tree SW of Pilot Point along the track of the mesocyclone. An eye witness located a several miles SW of this location reported seeing a funnel cloud make intermittent contact with the surface of a lake as it approached these trees.

All images copyright 1997 - Samuel D. Barricklow - All rights reserved.

Video of this event is available through Storm Stock


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