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Live Lightning U.S. map listing multiple lightning detection sites

Live Lightning Tracker from Central Florida

CASI Lightning Maps

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Lightning Photo Galleries
  1. Rhoden, Gene
  2. Barricklow, Sam - SKYFIRE Images
  3. Allison, Charles
  4. Bath, Michael
  5. Corso, Jack "Thunderhead"
  6. Crowley, Dave "Stormguy"
  7. Dutch Storm Photographers
  8. Edens, Harold E.
  9. Eikenberry, Eric
  10. Hodanish, Steve
  11. Keisling, Douglas
  12. Lopia, Petri
  13. Mathis, James
  14. Mayeaus, Brian - Electric Desert
  15. Pallister, Terry
  16. Prazen, Cori
  17. Ragen, Matt
  18. Smith, Jeff and Willet, A.T. - The Lightningsmiths
  19. Stillings, David O. - The Lightning Stalker
  20. Spherics Photo
  21. Terry's Weather Site
  22. Tucson, AZ Lightning Season
  23. Thompson, Michael
  24. Storm Chasers - Most storm chasers shoot lightning in addition to tornadoes and other severe weather phenomenon.
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FAQS and Facts
  1. The Human Effects of Lightning Strikes and Recommendations to Storm Chasers
  2. Lightning Photography Tips by Chuck Doswell
  4. The National Lightning Safety Institute
  5. Colorado Lightning Safety Page
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  1. Schumann Resonances
  2. INSPIRE Homepage - Live Audio Stream - Another source
  3. The Internet Jupiter Radio Observatory
  4. Radio Skypipe
  5. Radio Jove
  6. More Links on Schumann Resonance via Yahoo
  7. Ball Lightning
  8. Radio Waves Below 22 kHz
  9. Tornadoes and Ball Lightning
  10. The Ball Lightning Page
  11. Irving Langmuir's Ball Lightning Tube
  12. More Ball Lightning Links from Yahoo
  13. Gamma Rays from Severe Weather
  14. Sevilleta, NMx National Wildlife Refuge
  15. Lightning Strikes an Odd Pattern Over the Plains
  16. GHCC Orbiting Lightning Imaging Sensor
  17. NASA's Space Based Optical Transient Detector or the Old Page
  18. ABC News Lightning Strike Graphic
  19. RAOB Data - Supercells are the most prolific producers of spectacular and frequent lightning. The higher the atmospheric instability, the higher the lightning potential, strike frequency and strike intensity.
  20. Pat McGoldrick's Electromagnetic Transient Simulation Info
  21. The Franklin Institute Science Museum
  22. Global Atmospherics, Inc., Lightning Explorer
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Spherics, Lightning, ELF/VLF Radio, SPRITES
  1. European Lightning Site
  2. INSPIRE LIVE VLF radio receiver at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL
  3. Spectrogram graphical audio analysis software
  4. Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics & Yahoo search on EXL98
  5. Sprites 99 Balloon Campaign
  6. McGreevy ground-based VLF recordings - You've got to listen to the .wav files!
  7. VLF Group Home Page
  8. More on SPRITES, Blue Jets, Elves and VLF reception
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Equipment and Services
  1. McGreevy VLF Reciever
  3. KIWA VLF Earth Monitor
  4. The STORMWISE Lightning Sensor Page
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Link Lists
  1. Irving Langmuir's Ball Lightning Link Page
  2. Lightning Technologies Inc. Lightning Link List
  3. LRC (Lightning Retardant Cable) LIGHTNING LINK List
  4. DogPile Multi-Search Engine Lightning List
  5. Michael Bath's Lightning Links
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