Lightning Caught on Video

Looking west at a developing thunderstorm over Richardson, Texas
Note the developing rain shafts to the left of this lightning strike.  Looking south at a lightning struck a building in an office park near Plano Road and Arapaho. 
Under the rain free base, looking east from the intersection of Collins and Plano in Richardson.
As I turned the corner from Collins to southbound Plano Road, a lightning bolt struck a building less than 100 yards away.   Note the branch located in the upper right which was within 100 feet!
This image was taken near I-30 and Northwest Drive in Mesquite, Texas.  The lightning strike on the left moved from left to right, creating a slightly "smeared" appearance to the image.
spider-c.jpg (12038 bytes) Click on this thumbnail image to see an example of spider lightning with a CG.  A motion GIF will be creaed of this strike and added to this page soon.

These images were made using a Canon ES-5000 Hi-8 video camera and were digitized using Snappy.

Copyright 1996 - Samuel D. Barricklow - All rights reserved.

Video of this event is available through Storm Stock

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