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June 15, 1992 - Lightning near Delphos, Kansas

A huge multi-supercell complex in central and northeastern Kansas produced the most spectacular lightning display that I have ever seen.

April 26, 1994 - Lightning near Hillsboro, Texas

The year 1994 produced many active severe weather days in North Central Texas. Al Moller and I  teamed-up on one of the wildest days of the severe weather season - April 26, 1994.  First, we watched a significant tornado track across Gainesville, Texas. (Gainesville is located a few miles south of the Red River, north of Dallas on Interstate Highway 35.)  Afterwards, we drove more than 100 miles to the south and photographed a spectacular lightning display produced by another storm just west of Hillsboro, Texas.  The April 26, 1994 sequence of photos are examples of the many exciting lightning strikes produced by this cyclic tornadic supercell.

October 21, 1995 - Venus, Texas

Spider lightning - This was my most productive event for recording lightning video so far. The lightning crawlers and spider lightning were spectacular.

Lightning Video frames shot in Richardson, Texas during the summer of 1996. Includes daytime lightning and a very close lightning strike.

June 14, 2001 - Dallas, Texas anvil crawler lightning extravaganza

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