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Why Raw Data?

Raw data may be used in conjunction with a PC and appropriate software, such as Digital Atmosphere, to display current weather conditions in the form of high quality maps and images.   A growing number of emergency managers use this setup to track developing severe weather conditions.   In addition, many chasers use this approach when chasing to keep long distance phone bills to a minimum.

When compared to the time required to download the several large internet graphics files needed to get roughly similar information, raw data can be downloaded comparatively quickly.   As a result, your time on the Internet and your long distance phone bills are both minimized.

Once downloaded, the raw data is ingested into Digital Atmosphere, an excellent program written by Tim Vasquez.  Tim's program analyzes the data and then presents it in a clear graphic format.

You can also obtain raw data through the Emergency Managers Weather Information Network (EMWIN), for use with Digital Atmosphere.  EMWIN data is distributed free of charge nationwide via the GOES weather satellites and via the Internet.

In several areas around the country, EMWIN data is received and then re-broadcast via special VHF radio stations.  In addition, a few FM broadcast stations re-broadcast EMWIN data on a sub-carrier.  (VHF radio stations typically cover a 20 to 50 mile radius around the transmitter site, depending on transmitter power, antenna height, your receive setup, terrain and other factors.)  (Click here to see --->>> EMWIN Dogpile search results.)

With relatively inexpensive receiving equipment, you could receive EMWIN data directly from the GOES satellites anywhere in the continental United States, no matter how remote (assuming you have a clear view of the GOES satellite).  Coupled with the Digital Atmosphere software and a PC, you could then have up-to-date weather information 24 hours a day that automatically updates as new data is received!  

Several manufacturers supply equipment for receiving the GOES satellite broadcasts or EMWIN.

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A list of sources for raw data to feed the Digital Atmosphere program follows.

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Last revised: September 21, 2008