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We observed the meteor shower from California's Joshua Tree National Park near Bell campground at an elevation of approximately 3,100 ft above sea level.  The meteor rate was already above 10 per minute for  a single observer upon our arrival at about 12:30 AM local time.  

In regard to the color shift, "The color is a result of the meteor entering the Earth's atmosphere at a high velocity and ionizing air molecules that glow for several seconds. The glow starts as green because the meteor enters the atmosphere at a very high altitude where the primary color comes from oxygen at 5577 angstroms. The color changes to red lower in the atmosphere from nitrogen emissions between 6200 and 6700 angstroms."  The preceding information was quoted from the following webpage:

The photographic setup was:

Camera: Tripod mounted Nikon FE set to B (bulb) and actuated with a locking cable release

Lens: Nikkor 50mm f 1.4 set wide open and focused on infinity

Film: Fuji Provia ASA 400 slide film

Exposures varied from 30 seconds to 4 minutes.

Copyright 2001 - Samuel D. Barricklow  - All Rights Reserved

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