The Caddo County, Oklahoma Tornado

May 3, 1999

The first few four images were made looking north at the tornado when it was near Boone, Oklahoma.  (This first set of images are stills from video. )   The tornado formed near Boone and dissipated near Washita, west-northwest of Anadarko, Oklahoma.  All images on this page were shot while I was driving north from Lawton, Oklahoma on highway 281.  The Oklahoma SKYWARN storm spotter network and the integrated warning system worked extremely well for the citizens of Oklahoma.  I monitored the nets, but did not check in since the local spotters were doing an excellent job.

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The next set of images are from slides.  The first image is looking north at the thunderstorm prior to tornado development.  The third image shows the explosive growth of the storm towers above the wall cloud.   It appears that the developing mesocyclone and the main storm updraft became collocated when this explosive growth occurred, whereas prior to this point, the main updraft and the mesocyclone may have been some distance apart.  

After the first image in the second row was made, I concentrated on shooting video and driving closer to the tornado.  Hence the gap in the photographic record.  

As the tornado dissipated, my attention turned toward the new wall cloud, which was located to the east-southeast of the tornado.  The storm produced several tornadoes between Gracemont and Minco.  However, due to poor road choices, I did not catch up with the storm again until it was northwest of Minco, southwest of Union City.  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol blocked the highway north of Minco, which prevented me from continuing the chase.   After dark, farther northeast, the storm produced several large tornadoes north and northeast of Oklahoma City. 


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Copyright 1999 - Samuel D. Barricklow - All rights reserved.

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