May 1, 1999

Andrews County, Texas Supercells

99050101.jpg (11438 bytes) Looking west at a dissipating tornado, barely visible in the distance under a wall cloud.
99050102.jpg (11818 bytes) Looking west a short time later at a funnel, with a hint of condensation near the ground below it.
99050103.jpg (14901 bytes) Looking up and west at the occluding wall cloud and circulation.
99050104.jpg (20878 bytes) Farther southwest, looking north at an HP supercell.
99050105.jpg (20800 bytes) Looking north as a tail cloud develops, feeding into a wall cloud located in the "notch" of an HP supercell.
99050106.jpg (19616 bytes)
99050107.jpg (13215 bytes) Looking north at a funnel which developed from a "shed" mesocyclone, left in the wake of an HP supercell, which was located several miles east of this location.
99050108.jpg (14011 bytes)
99050109.jpg (14090 bytes) Still looking north.  Note the scud on the left side of the image.  This scud was rotating about a horizontal axis and was apparently an extension of the circulation feeding into the funnel.  Note the second smaller funnel to the right of the large funnel.
99050110.jpg (15542 bytes) The funnel dissipated shortly after this image.  Outflow from the HP supercell located to the east (right) resulted in the lower end of the funnel being pushed to the left.

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