Storm Chase Season 1998 - Miscellaneous images

1998 was not a productive year for me in terms of tornadoes photographed.  I was within a mile or two of several tornadoes, but it was either at night  or the tornadoes were obscured by rain.  The following images are not in any particular order.


cb11.jpg (22660 bytes) We spent the night in Amarillo on June 8, 1998.  The dry line passed Amarillo during the night.  Review of morning data at the National Weather Service Office indicated that the highest risk of severe weather should be in central Kansas and northern Oklahoma.  We headed northeast toward northwest Oklahoma..  This photo was taken near Canadian, Texas looking southeast toward towering cumulus that was developing along the dryline.
cb08.jpg (18291 bytes) Looking east.  This and the next three photographs of a developing thunderstorm were taken in north central Oklahoma.  The dryline and the storms were moving much too quickly to catch.
cb19.jpg (13977 bytes)
98060702.jpg (26942 bytes)
98060802.jpg (18531 bytes) We drove southeast to Oklahoma City to intercept storms which had formed on the southern end of the dryline, but couldn't quite get ahead of and south of the updrafts.  We were stuck in traffic while an intense supercell raked Norman with large hail and high winds.  The storm moved east and produced a brief tornado ESE of Norman at Wewoka, Oklahoma.  We started back to Dallas, but stopped to get this and the next three photographs of another supercell moving through the Oklahoma City area at sunset.  This and the next three photos were taken looking NNW from just east of Paul's Valley, Oklahoma.
sunset06.jpg (12662 bytes)
tcu02.jpg (27042 bytes) Three photos of late season thunderstorms in northeast Texas. 
tcu01.jpg (18157 bytes) Looking west at highly sheared towering cumulus.   Upper level flow was from the northwest..
cb18.jpg (30162 bytes) Looking east at the thunderstorm which developed from the towering cumulus picture above.  Note that the anvil is flowing southeast from the storm updraft which was located on the northwest side of the system.
rfb01.jpg (149323 bytes) Rain curtains in eastern Colorado.
lp01.jpg (11804 bytes) Looking southwest at a low precipitation (LP) supercell from near the intersection of I-35W and state highway 67 south of Fort Worth Texas.   Martin Lisius shot a time lapse 35mm movie of the development of this storm.   Even though the storm was small, updraft rates were impressive.  NWS reported that the WSR-88D doppler radar indicated the storm was rotating.  3/4 to 1 inch diameter hail was failing from the storm when these photos were taken.
lp02.jpg (18651 bytes)
pawnee06.jpg (41555 bytes) The Pawnee Buttes.
pawnee04.jpg (44427 bytes) Pawnee Buttes is located in a wild sparsely populated part of northeastern Colorado where the native prairie has been preserved. 
pawnee09.jpg (39206 bytes)
Moller03.jpg (162888 bytes) Al Moller and his friend Patty photographing the Pawnee Buttes of northeastern Colorado at sunset.
Springtime wild flowers in the Texas Hill Country northwest of Austin - my wife and I spent a couple of days touring the Hill Country.    Although there were pockets of color, 1998 was not a good year for wildflowers.
grain02.jpg (22309 bytes) Cirrus, railroad tracks,  wildflowers and a grain silo near Dalhart, Texas
rocky06.jpg (42158 bytes) Storms were not forecast for the northeastern Colorado on the day these images were shot, so we went to  Rocky Mountain National Park.   These photos were shot from Trail Ridge Road, high atop the Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado.
hb04.jpg (14221 bytes) Hale-Bopp

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