May 25, 1997

Storm Chase in Southern Oklahoma and North Central Texas

The chase started near Lawton and continued to Fletcher, Duncan and Loco, Oklahoma and then south to near Gainesville, Texas

Early towers south of Lawton. (Looking NW)
K5KJ chase vehicle south of Lawton, with Patti KA5RDR inside. (Looking NE)
Wide angle view at the Oklahoma Welcome Center, south of Lawton. Short towers can be seen in the distance developing on a pre-dryline trough. (Looking SE)
(Looking WNW) Storm developing in NW Comanche County, Oklahoma west of Lake Ellsworth.
(Looking NNW) Setting up the old Pentax ME Super to try to get shots of the developing wall cloud framed by lightning.
Looking NNW at a developing wall cloud, shot from a site south of Lake Ellsworth, west of Elgin.
Same location as the last shot, looking north.
Looking east from Fletcher at a new wall cloud after the first occluded and reportedly produced a brief touch down. I made a temporary tactical error by driving north into Fletcher instead of east on highway 17.
Looking east at a brief funnel, from a location 10 or so miles east of Fletcher on a gravel road.
Looking SSW at the developing "Duncan" storm.
Back to the Comanche County storm. Looking SE as the wall cloud intensifies again.
Looking NW at the wall cloud from west of Rush Springs.

Last shot of the wall cloud from Rush Springs before breaking and moving south to the Duncan storm.

Looking east at rainbow from north edge of Duncan.
Looking north down highway 81 toward Rush Springs.
Best view (none) of the Duncan tornado. The tornado was behind the trees on the left side of the image. I inadvertantly zoomed in too much after this image was taken and missed videoing the tornado! The trip through Duncan was frustrating. The signal lights are s l o w !
The "Duncan storm" looking NNE from highway 53 east of the town of Comanche. RFD incursion is clearly evident south of the wall cloud moving east. Rotation was clearly visible.
Looking north - RFD continues to push into the updraft base.
Looking NNE - RFD continues as a anti-cyclonic circualtion develops on the right (near) side of the RFD slot. Several anti-cyclonic funnels developed from this feature. Motion was extreme at times.
Looking ENE from highway 53 just west of Loco. Bookend lowerings on either side of the RFD intrusion.
Looking ENE at a short lived funnel NW of Loco.
Further south across the Red River in Texas, looking WNW from a location a few miles north of Valley View at a large tornado Illuminated by lighting. I was using a 0.4 wide angle adapter on the ES-5000. The tornado was closer than it appears. I have reviewed the video again since posting these images and found additional
Looking WNW from same location as above at a new wall cloud that developed after the tornado picture above.


A brilliant CG that was part of a lightning barrage that lasted for several minutes. (Looking WNW)


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