April 3, 2012

Forney, Texas Tornado

by Sam Barricklow


Before the condensation funnel extended to the ground, the tornadic circulation was already causing damage. In this photo, power lines are shorted, causing a brilliant electrical "power flash'.


Dirt and debris are being lofted into the tornadic circulation, still before the visible condensation funnel had formed.
The familiar condensation funnel begins to form as the tornado crosses highway 80.
A large debris whirl developed as the tornado crossed highway 80.
North of highway 80, the full condensation funnel forms and connects solidly to the ground.
Here is the tornado at its largest and most powerful stage, as it moves into the Diamond Estates housing development, creating a debris cloud full of 2X4 lumber, insulation, roofing material, fences and at least one automobile that ended up in a field north of Crosby Elementary School.
The tornado rapidly shrinks to the rope stage as it dissipates north of Crosby Elementary School.
The tornado wriggles like a snake as it goes through rapid changes as it dissipates.
The last vestige of the tornado as dissipation is almost complete.



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