May 19, 2010

Tornado near Wynnewood, OK

by Sam Barricklow

Intercepted a multiple vortex tornado north of highway 7 and I-35, that formed just west of the intersection of Meridian Road and E1700 Road and then moved ENE. The tornado unexpectedly formed about 250 yards from me, ripping and lofting large limbs from nearby trees and producing a pronounced roar with embedded crashing sounds, probably from large tree limbs smashing against trees.


View looking west
Rotating updraft base, with a fairly linear appearance, before the tornado
Looking northwest at the northern end of the updraft base, toward the forward flank downdraft / rain core.
Rotating updraft base as it approached my location. A few minutes after this photo was shot, a tornado quickly and unexpectedly formed about 100 yards southwest of my location. I was looking northwest toward the northern part of the updraft base at rapidly rising cloud tags at the time. The tornado sounded like a jet airliner in trouble. It was reminiscent of a "bull roarer". Here's a second example. The sound was much, much louder. I made a quick exit to the east as strong, shifting winds buffeted my van. It was an unexpected white knuckle escape.
Multiple tornadoes underneath the rotating base, looking north
Tornadic storm, looking northeast. The storm had crossed I-35 and was moving east-northeast away from my location.
Another shot of the storm as it moves farther to the northeast. The storm was producing frequent in-cloud lightning flashes, but not many visible bolts.




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