April 13, 2007 - Funnel Cloud over Western Tarrant County, Texas

by Sam Barricklow


Photo of wall cloud forming at the southern end of a shelf cloud. Looking southwest from near highway 199 and IH820 in western Tarrant County, Texas
Funnel cloud - looking northwest from near the intersection of highway 199 and IH820 in western Tarrant County, Texas
Crop of above photo. Note the apparent debris cloud behind the tree to the lower right of the funnel.

A few moments later.

I followed the storm across Tarrant County, following hwy 199 to hwy 183, east on Midway Road then north on Handley Ederville to Trinity Mills, south on IH820 to Randol Mill Road, where I made a u-turn. At the time I was unaware of the tornado damage just to the east of IH820. I followed 820 to highway 183. Just east of IH820, I could smell the tornado. The odor included the scent of freshly cut grass, broken wood, and dusty insulation, which is typical in an area recently struck by a tornado. I continued east on hwy 183 to IH35E, then to IH30 through Dallas to Rockwall, where I gave up the chase, never being able to get east of the storm again.

Click here to view a radar motion GIF of the storm as it moved across Tarrant and Dallas Counties.

SPC Storm Reports for 4/13/2007

Earlier in the day, a tornadic supercell formed northwest of Abilene. Conditions were more favorable for tornadoes where this storm formed. It produced a large wedge tornado. The DFW Metroplex is lucky that the conditions which produced this storm did not occur farther east over the cities.

Haskell / Seymour, Texas tornadic supercell, which was perhaps the "storm of the day"

The storm was between Aspermont and Jayton when this image was made.

Radar image at the same time as the satellite image, when the storm was located between Aspermont and Jayton, Texas

Close-up of the storm. Click on the following to view radar motion GIFs:

Motion GIF #1

Motion GIF #2

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