March 30, 2007 - Wind Damage in Garland, Texas

by Sam Barricklow

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Storm damage resulting from a bow echo storm system moving through Garland, Texas.

Damage began near the intersection of Northwest Drive and Saturn Road, breaking a few small tree limbs, and depositing a carpet of leaves underneath trees. Width of the damage was about 30 yards. The winds reached peak intensity at Carroll and Glenbrook, where the path width was about 200 yards wide.

The narrow long path suggests that a small, weak tornado may have produced the damage, but no evidence of convergence could be found along the path. Other than the damage path being wider near the end of the path, no evidence of divergence could be found either. Since the damage occurred near the nose of a bow echo system, the damage could have been due to either a microburst, or a small, weak, fast moving tornado. The evidence is inconclusive.


Wind damage at and near the intersection of Carroll and Glenbrook in Garland, Texas


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