Dallas, Texas Anvil Crawler Lightning Extravaganza

June 14, 2001

Storms fired along an outflow boundary moving southeast from Oklahoma.  During the evening,  a line formed that moved across the Metroplex and then stalled just south of the area.  A most spectacular anvil crawler show ensued, lasting over 3 hours!  This was the best I've seen since 1995.

01061401.jpg (26874 bytes) Anvil crawlers silhouette the skyline of downtown Dallas.

01061402.jpg (26316 bytes)

01061403.jpg (18514 bytes)  
01061404.jpg (15390 bytes)  
01061405.jpg (16825 bytes)  
01061406.jpg (18656 bytes)  
01061407.jpg (17776 bytes) Superbolt CG beneath anvil crawlers and at the focus of "spider lightning" (multiple radial lightning "spokes" originating where the CG enters the anvil).
01061408.jpg (13009 bytes)  
01061409.jpg (21221 bytes) The CG slowly fades and breaks into beads.
01061410.jpg (22346 bytes)  
01061411.jpg (25717 bytes) This is an image of a massive lightning discharge that covered the entire sky, from horizon to horizon in all directions.



Copyright 2001 - Samuel D. Barricklow - All rights reserved.

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