May 6, 2001 - Severe Weather in North Texas

Storms fired west of Lewisville, Texas.  Additional updrafts developed along the downstream outflow boundaries, eventually triggering the development of a severe HP supercell over northern Dallas County. 

Looking WNW from near I -35 and highway 121 in Lewisville.

Looking west at the same updraft area from highway 121 at The Colony.
Looking east from highway 121 and The Colony at a new updraft farther east down the line.
Looking WNW  from Highway 75 and Spring Valley in southern Richardson, TX.
Looking NNE at new wall cloud after previous wall cloud was undercut by outflow.
Funnel over NE Garland viewed from Centerville and Miller.
Looking WNW from same location at suspicious formation.  Was this a rain wrapped tornado, lowering, precipitation shaft or what?  I watched for power line flashes at the base of the feature and saw none.  After another 30 to 60 seconds, it became obvious that it was a precip shaft.
Looking east from I-30 over Lake Ray Hubbard.  Trees are being swept by the wind on the back (west) side of the HP mesocyclone.

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