June 8, 1995 - Northeast Texas Panhandle Storm Chase

Al Moller, Chuck Doswell and I started this chase from La Junta, Colorado earlier that day. I was delayed when the driver's side window of my van was broken out, apparently by a piece of concrete thrown from the road by a car passing in the opposite direction. This incident occurred on one of the worst kept highways in the nation, U.S. Highway 287 in the Oklahoma panhandle. It appeared as though the folks in Oklahoma City forgot they are responsible for this stretch of highway. It was littered for miles with pot holes and large pieces of concrete and black top. I stopped in Dumas to get the window replaced, eventually settling for Plexiglas and duct tape to close the opening.


Looking south along a dirt road leading to Pampa, Texas, within minutes after the town was struck by a devastating tornado. Emergency vehicles were converging on the damaged area. June 8, 1995.

The main east-west highway through town was blocked by debris. A slick muddy road south of town was the only route to the tornado that was on the ground NE of Pampa.

This was the best view of the Hoover tornado that I got. The right side of the tornado is barely visible through the haze.

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