June 4, 1995 Storm Chase

Video Stills of the Lamesa, Texas LP Supercell Thunderstorm

Looking west at a funnel near Reese AFB. I was chasing with Al Moller, Chuck Doswell, Michael Cohen and Bobby Eddins. This funnel developed over a housing addition. A debris whirl never appeared at the surface.
Looking WNW at a spectacular LP supercell located near Lamesa, Texas. Robert Prentice and several other chasers from Oklahoma were located under the updraft watching a weak multiple vortex tornado when these images were made.
Looking west from a location SW of Lamesa at a weak tornadic dust whirl. Note the small funnel at cloud base to the upper right of the dust whirl. These two features appeared to be connected.
Looking west at inflow clouds streaming into the updraft base near Lamesa, Texas.
Chuck Doswell was entranced by the fantastic storm structure.

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