May 7, 1995

The Supercell that produced a tornado at Ardmore, Oklahoma

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Looking NW at a lowering on the storm that would eventually produce a damaging tornado in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Al Moller and I chased this storm from near Santos, Texas to just south of the Red River on May 7, 1995.
Looking WNW at a "shed" meso. The meso that produced the tornado that would strike Ardmore was 8 to 10 miles to our north, concealed behind a thick veil of wrapping rain.
Another look at the old meso.
Tree damage produced by the tornado that would eventually strike Ardmore. These trees were located 8 to 10 miles south of the Red River, which marks the border between Texas and Oklahoma. The tornado reached its maximum intensity as it crossed the river and was actually in the rope dissipation stage when it struck Ardmore. The fatalities caused by the tornado occurred a few miles north of the Red River in a rural area on May 7, 1995

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Video of this event is available through Storm Stock

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