April 26, 1991 - The Red Rock, Oklahoma Tornado

Looking north at the developing tornado. Al Moller and I met in Denton, Texas and drove for more than two hours to reach this area.
Looking NNW as the tornado approached I-35 in northern Oklahoma.
Looking NNW as a horizontal vortex developed on the east side of the tornado.
Martin Lisius worked to set up his camera in the median of IH-35.
Looking northward up I-35 as the tornado crossed the highway. Cattle and horses were being killed about the time this image was made. A farm house at the edge of the interstate at mile marker 200 was destroyed. The resident barely escaped by leaving his home and driving south out of the tornado's path.

The resident's escape was successful because he was in the country, with quick access to an interstate highway and with no traffic to slow him down.

Travelers wisely stopped on the shoulder to wait for the tornado to pass.
Contrast became a problem as the tornado moved east of the highway. The tornado blended with the heavy precip area to the north and northeast.
Al and I drove east to try to view the tornado again, but couldn't catch up with it. Looking northeast, the tornado is obscured by precipitation. If the precip were not in the way, the tornado would have been located just to the left of the utility pole to the upper left of "PM" near the center of the image.

Copyright 1991 - Samuel D. Barricklow - All rights reserved.

These images were made using a Sharp VC-C20U VHS video camera and were digitized by a Snappy box.



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