The April 12, 1991 - Glen Rose, Texas Tornado

I left work at 5 PM and drove directly to Glen Rose.  In this first image a funnel was forming as rain curtains began wrapping around the rotating updraft from left to right.  I checked into the local SKYWARN net and reported my observations to net control.  (Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.)
The funnel was obscured by rain momentarily.
As the tornado developed, the rain curtains began to thin.
The tornadic circulation was already on the ground when this image was shot, even though condensation had not yet reached the surface.
The roof of a barbeque restaurant on the north side of Glen Rose was removed about the time this image was taken.
Part of the life cycle was missed because I had to change film.  Here the tornado was entering the rope dissipation stage.
The tornado assumed a snakelike appearance as it dissipated over Glen Rose, Texas.
Shortly after this image was taken, baseball to softball hail began to fall at my observation location forcing a quick retreat to the east.  At least one more tornado was produced by this storm southwest of Cleburne, Texas.

Copyright 1991 - Samuel D. Barricklow - All rights reserved

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