May 15, 1989 - Seymour, Texas Tornado and Flood

A developing wall cloud was illuminated by lightning. Inflow into the storm was extreme, estimated at 45 to 50 mph sustained with higher gusts.


The wall cloud was illuminated by lightning, with funnel above PM in the image. The funnel was less than 1/2 mile WSW of my location moving ENE. I abandoned this spotting location and drove toward Seymour, Texas, stopping briefly several times watch for a tornado. The funnel developed into a tornado shortly after this image was made, staying in contact with the ground for about one minute. It was in open fields, producing no known damage to structures.

I found a motel in Seymour and spent the night. Several more strong storms passed over the area during the night. The next morning I awoke to the sound of water splashing against the motel door!

The motel and its flooded parking lot.


Flash flooding just on the outskirts of Seymour.

Copyright 1989 - Samuel D. Barricklow - All rights reserved.

These images were made using a Sharp VC-C20U VHS video camera and were digitized by a Snappy box.

Video of this event is available through StormStock

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